The Sing Sing Warden’s House   Leave a comment

Warden's houseThis is the Sing Sing Warden’s House. It was built circa 1930 as the residence of Warden Lewis E. Lawes and his family on land adjacent to the prison. Here he is shown leaving the house on his last day on the job. He arguably was  the prison’s most famous chieftain who championed prison reform in the US. By the time he retired in 1941. Lawes, was well-known throughout the US and abroad having been on the cover of Time magazine, published six books, launched his own magazine, helped write a Broadway play, narrated two weekly true-crime radio shows, and worked on six movies. Apparently he persuaded the New York State legislature that he needed a bigger home to lodge his family and the many elected officials, dignitaries and celebrities who came to visit the prison. It replaced an earlier and much smaller Dutch-Colonial Revival farm house that originally housed the warden and his family. It was recently sold at auction by the State. The newer brick Federal Revival Style home is located just off Spring Street on approximately 10 acres of land sitting atop a cliff overlooking the prison and the Hudson River beyond. This NYS-owned land was transferred to the Village of the late 1970s and in early 1980, the Village in turn sold it to a private corporation that built a condo around it called “Hudson Point


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